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Wheat Gabbeh 6' 6 x 9' 8

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14 Enterprises

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Gabbeh Rugs

We are the home of gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing handmade Gabbeh rugs, sourced from Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Made with handspun wool and natural dyes, our handmade Gabbeh rugs are an attractive piece of home décor for your living spaces.

A style that stimulates our tidy likeliness as well as the desire to live in a cozy comfortable environment! 



Gabbeh Rugs—Combining the Industrious Spirit with Cultural Zeal

Gabbeh or gava rugs are counted among the largest selling rugs in the world. Thanks to their peppy design, colorful details, and durable materials.

Belonging to the category of Persian rugs, they are woven by nomadic tribal weavers living in the Zagros mountain range spanning across Iran, Iraq and southeastern Turkey.

The rug dates back to the 16th century and is said to have originated in Lorestan. Originally, Gabbeh rugs were made by the tribal people for their personal use. The rug provides them warmth in the frozen winter.

It was the 1980s when the striking designs and fabulous colors of these rugs attracted the attention of the world. Soon the rugs were made available for sale and exports.

Gabbeh rugs are made by the women of the tribe. Each rug reflects the personal experiences, feelings, story, and legacy of the weavers.

A horizontal variety of loom is used by the weavers which are quick and easy to fold up. Gabbeh rugs are made from the wool being obtained by the sheep owned by the tribal. The dyes in these rugs are extracted from the native plants like indigo, walnut husk, madder root, and pomegranate skin. There is a little to no use of synthetic elements in these rugs as they are made by the things tribes have at their disposal.

Characteristics That Set Gabbeh Rugs Apart

  • Gabbeh rugs have a dense pile.
  • The pile thickness is up to ¾ inches.
  • The rugs have a knot count of nearly 40-60 kpi which is lower than to those of the most oriental rugs.
  • The rugs feature simple geometric motifs with bold colors across the rug. These motifs are placed randomly across the rug. In fact, the asymmetrical setting of the motifs is the trademark of Gabbeh rugs. Most designs are built around a story or tribal folklore.


Understanding the Various Types of Gabbeh Rug

Basic Gabbeh:

These Gabbeh Persian rugs are known for low knot count with a dense pile. They feature a basic design coupled with colored geometric shapes or tribal art on large open fields.

Kashkoli Gabbeh:

These rugs feature a shorter, softer pile with a higher knot count than the basic Gabbeh. They carry brightly colored geometrical shapes.

Luribaft Gabbeh:

These designer rugs have a soft, short pile and a unique sheen from their fine, tight weave and high-quality wool. What set them apart from other Gabbeh rugs are their detailed and sophisticated designs.

Gabbeh Sumak:

Gabbeh Sumak rugs are flat woven rugs and lack pile. They feature colorful designs in their foundation, making them different from all other Gabbehs.

Amalehbaft Gabbeh:

These rugs feature medium weave, shorter pile, and flamboyant yet simple patterns.

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