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Multi Colored Hunting 4' x 6'

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Hunting Rugs

Combining nature-inspired iconography with contemporary designs, our hunting rugs unleash mesmerizing accent across your living spaces. These rugs feature eye-catching patterns of wildlife, making the onlookers appreciating the rustic beauty of the woods.


Carpet Tribe offers you a line of rustic, detailed and finely weaved rugs to take your home décor to new levels. Besides, these hunting rugs make the perfect holiday gift for your outdoor-loving friend.


HUNTING RUGS—Keeping You Close to the Mother Nature

Wildlife-inspired rugs bring outdoor to your interiors. Depicting the scenes of nature, woods, hunting, and lovely animals, these rugs unleash luxury vibes across your living spaces. The organic appeal of these rugs will make you feel calm and make your space more inviting. Thanks to our inherent connection to the jungle and natural elements. In some South Asian countries like India and Pakistan, keeping deer heads, animal skins and hunting rugs have been an age-old décor practice among feudal lords, aristocrats and affluent families based in rural areas.


100% Handmade Rugs:

You can truly enjoy the beauty, the grace of these rugs when they are handmade. A skilled artist uses their inherited skills along with extensive detailing to bring a rug to life. And it takes nearly 9-10 months to create one fine rug. At Carpet Tribe, we offer you handmade rugs made by the weavers based in Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan.

Great Prices:

Our beautiful hunting rugs won’t hurt your budget. Get them on great prices along with lucrative deals and discounts. However, low prices don’t mean we sell inferior or cut corners. This is because we source the rugs directly from the weavers, thereby saving a huge on middleman fees. And you should be the part of that saving. Isn’t it?

Wide Range of Hunting Rugs:

Our range of hunting rugs is available in various sizes and themes, meaning that we have something for everyone. You are sure to find the perfect rustic rug for your home, cabin or lodge. If you aren't able to find the "dream" rug, click contacts us and let us know your requirement.

Our Outstanding Customer Service:

We focus on you. We treat every online customer as if they just walked into our physical store. Our website is simple and easy to navigate. We frequently update shipping data, products and information. Whether you want to know about orders, new arrivals or refunds, our customer support team is here to resolve all queries related to our products. We take care of every aspect of your online shopping

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