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Navy Serapi 8' 2 x 11' 3

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Serapi Rugs

Serapi rugs are a type of Persian rug. The term Serapi is often used to the finest antique rug produced in Heriz region. They are originated from the village of Serab or Sarab located in northwest Iran. The village of Serab is known for weaving some of the extremely fine carpets featuring traditional patterns and loosely spaced designs. Serapi rugs are sophisticated, often with open designs.


These rugs feature a magnificent combination of tribal patterns from the Caucasus along with early Safavid impact. Unlike their vibrant counterparts produced in the greater Northwest Persian region, Serapi rugs carry a variety of symbolic patterns with a combination of light and neutral colors.

A central medallion motif is a trademark of Serapi carpets. They are woven with natural wool colors. Besides, they have a thick pile and heavy foundation.

As the legend has it, these rugs were called Serab which was changed to Serapi because of the American merchants’ incorrect pronunciation of the rug’s name. However, another anecdote claims that the visit of a Prince’s visit to India by a ship known as the Serapis inspired people of this region to call the carpets Serapi after the ship.


100% Handmade and Authentic Rugs:

We believe that a machine can’t mimic the details, quality, and legacy of a handmade rug. That's why we only offer handmade rugs sourced from the eminent hubs like Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. All rugs are made by the families who have been in this profession for generations. And each rug on our collection takes 9-10 months to complete.

Family Run Business:

Carpet Tribe is a family-run business and has been providing beautiful rugs since 2004. By shopping Serapi rugs online from us, you not only get a wonderful piece and great value, but you are also helping our business thrive.

A Simple Return Policy:

Our all products are backed by simple money-back guarantee and No Questions Asked Return Policy.

Safe Online Shopping Experience:

Don’t worry! Just focus on finding your favorite rugs as we ensure a secure and enjoyable online shopping experience. When you provide us with any personal information including your address, email and credit card number, it is processed over a secure connection on our servers. All the information is encrypted as we use SSL.

Free Shipping:

Get the rugs delivered at your doorstep across the USA for free. Enjoy free shipping.

Great Prices:

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